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At Machinations we can cater for a very wide variety of functions as we have large spaces, each with their own possibilities. 
The Play Barn is often ringing with the sound of children's Birthday Parties which offer parents a very stress free option, the kids can bounce about as much as they like with no harm done. We can cater for you with traditional party fair but always homemade and fresh. We are very happy to help with special dietary needs or provide particular favourites. We are also happy for you to bring your own food but ask that you then take responsibility for leaving the space as you find it.
  Machinations birthday party
Machinations party children   Machinations is particularly unique in being able to happily accomodate all the generations if you want a wider family gathering. Because of the variety of facilities children will have plenty to do but there are also quieter spaces for others to have peaceful conversation and plenty to look at when you feel like changing focus. We can offer a wide range of food from hot cooked meals to cold buffets and welcome collaboration with you on ideas of your own. The accoustics are good for live music and the space can be re-arranged in various ways to accomodate different activities. It must be noted that we are not licensed to sell alcohol.
Evening events at Machinations are particularly atmospheric with candle light playing on the wierd and wonderful models around you creating an other worldly feel. Have the whole building to yourselves with personal care and attention from our very hospitable staff. Smell and watch your food being cooked and enjoy the informal and friendly service.

Go to our menu page to view catering options and prices.
Machinations birthday party

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