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The Rabbit Village
You are very welcome to come and visit us %0p entrance fee) especially if you bring some juicy vegetable bits from the kitchen. If you are still and quiet we will come right up to you for food and you can stroke us gently. We will not bite you unless you hurt us and please don't ever chase us.
If the weather is horrible you can watch us from the cafe window and we will do our best to entertain you (although you will occasionally catch us napping....).

We are very lucky Rabbits, we have our own special houses and lots of room to run around in. Our owners bring us of good things to eat and we are nice and strong. We eat lots of fresh green grass and we need to keep our teeth in good condition by chewing branches. (Sometimes we even nibble the window frames which doesn't go down very well.....)   machinations boy with rabbit
  We live as a community and usually we get along very nicely, we cuddle up when it is cold and we groom each other. Sometimes we fight. Some rabbits think they are more important than others whom they try to put in their place! Some want to protect their girlfriends from other admirerers and mums will fight to protect their babies. When rabbits fight they let go of their fur easily (like a hedgehog shedding its quills) so they can't be held onto which means it always looks worse than it is!
Although our owners went to some trouble to build lovely traditional houses in stone and slate, we actually prefer our burrows because they are the places we feel naturally safe in, but don't tell them because we wouldn't want to hurt thier feelings. We love digging and are really good at it, our whole enclosure is a cattacombe of tunnels beneath the ground. Our babies are born in the burrows. The mums will make lovely warm nests by pulling soft for from their own chests. You will also see them sometimes collecting hay and carrying it underground in their mouths. Getting ready for the babies is a lot of hard work! Usually about 6 babies are born at a time, they are tiny, pink, bald and helpless so mum will keep them very well hidden until they are ready to venture out.   Machinations rabbit village with Bethan
Machinations close up rabbits   At night we go into an enclosure under the Dragon Tower, we like to think that the dragon protects us and will breathe fire on any intruder. There are many possible predators around such as foxes, otters, weasels, stoats, polecats, birds of prey and even humans. The grown up rabbits are very strong and canny and can run very fast but the young ones are much more vulnerable. Being outdoors all year round is good for rabbits as the cold prevents some diseases from spreading and we do have really thick fur in the winter. In the spring we shed our winter coats so tend then to have a bit of a "bad hair month". The only weather we hate is hail, our fur is very oily so we don't mind rain, deep snow is good fun because you can imagine what a great time we have tunnelling and popping up through it unexpectedly. We don't like it too hot and lie panting in the shade sometimes which is when it is especially cruel when naughty children chase us.
We have some friends living with us called guinea-pigs. They are funny little things because they have little ears, NO TAILS and squeak a lot but we don't mind them and they do come in pretty colours.   machinations rabbits and guinea pigs

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